Meals on Wheels Mt. Shasta Auxiliary

PO Box 443
Mt. Shasta, CA. 96067

       Senior Services are funded through contracts with the Planning and Service           Area 2, Area Agency on Aging and the California Department of Aging.

Mt. Shasta Senior Nutrition Program
1315 Nixon Road
Mt. Shasta, CA. 96067
Mt. Shasta City Park

530- 926-4611

Senior Dining Center           Monday-Friday at noon
Meals on wheels                Monday–Friday
Transportation                    To site meal - Call for availability: 530-926-4611

Dunsmuir                             Friday at noon.
                                                             Location: Eagles Hall
                                                             Call for reservations: 530-926-4611

For more information on various human services call the
~ REFERRAL HOTLINE 1-800-510-2020 ~


           Dunsmuir – Emily Warm, ED
               Geeia Dexter, Program Director
               Kids’ Factory Family Resource Center
               4103 Pine Street Dunsmuir, CA. 96025
               (P.O. Box 764)
           Phone: 530- 235-4005


                            Monday:        9 am-4 pm
                            T-Th:              9 am-5 pm
                            Fri:                  9 am-1pm   & 7-9 pm
                            Sat:                 Noon-2 pm

          McCloud – Emily Warm, ED
          Geeia Dexter, Program Director
              McCloud Community Resource Center
             304 West Minnesota Ave.
             McCloud, CA. 96057
             (PO Box 385)

          Phone: 530-964-3250
          FAX:    530- 964-3251

                            Mon-Th:      9 am–5 pm
                            Friday:         9 am-1 pm

          Mt. Shasta – Bliss Hipp, Director
             Mt. Shasta Community Resource Center
             432 North Mt. Shasta Blvd. Ste. B
             Mt. Shasta, CA. 96067
          Phone: 530-926-1400
             Fax:      530-926-1484

                       Mon–Th:  10 am–4 pm

           Weed – Jodi Ede, ED
               Weed Community Resource Center
               720 A South Davis
               Weed, CA. 96094
           Phone: 530- 938-2426
               Fax:      530-938-2862

                            Mon-Th:  10 am–5 pm


            GREAT NORTHERN Corporation
                310 Boles Street
                Weed CA 96094
            Phone: 530-938-4115

                      Food Economic Development
                      Weatherization and Housing Energy Assistance (HEAP)
                      Senior Snow Removal (Mt. Shasta Area)
                      Housing Rehabilitation for Siskiyou County  

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